Digitdia 6000 disassembly: fixing reverse not working

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Digitdia 6000 disassembly: fixing reverse not working

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here is a fix I discovered for my Digitdia 6000 failing to transport the magazines backward.
I post it to the community, if it can help anyone ;-)
I can give further advices if someone asks for it (but I won't diassemble the scanner again)

I think I made my scanner transport fail that way by having the transport arm open abrubtly (hardly...) one day.
There is no brake or friction to slow down the transport arm and it's a heavy piece, so if you put the scanner to the side (while putting the scanner in its storage box for example), the transport arm can open itself wildly.

The symptoms:
* the forward transport of any type of magazines was working
* the reverse transport just didn't move the magazine: it ejected and re-inserted the same slide
This caused problems for starting batch scans as the calibration process does a forward and backward movement (that did not occured).
Note that the transport of magazine could be failing in both directions too, the problem and fix could be the same.

The fix has needed to put appart the main scanner parts (voiding the waranty if still running).
The conception of the scanner is not very complex: anyone with basic skills (and a screwdriver ;-) can do it.

If you experience this issue (forward OK, backward KO), before opening up the beast, do the following checks:
* switch the scanner on (no need to load a magazine)
* let it calibrate
* take a flashlight and look at the base plate of the transport arm from the top
* push the "forward" button on the side of the scanner while still looking at the transport arm baseplate
* you should see an orange triangular plastic piece turned to the left
* you should see a little black plastic "stick" pushed to the right by this orange triangle
* you should see the transport mecanism tilt and the transport arm slide to the left while the arm is fully extended and the going back to the middle position as the transport arm retracts

* push the "backward" button on the side of the scanner
* you should see the orange triangle pointing to the right (little stick pushed to left, transport arm slide to right and to the center as it retracts)
-> if the orange triangle is still pointing to the left, the electro magnet managing the forward/backward transport of your scanner is dead (or unplugged if you are super lucky): you might need a seller repair

If the orange triangle is flipping as it should but transport of magazines is not, you might have the same issue I had: easy and free fix!

The fix:
Please, work in a clean clean environment: you don't want to put dust onto the light or sensor of your scanner :-)
Do not touch the electronic boards.
Go slow, never apply force, this is never needed. There are some tricky movements, study, take pictures.

* put the scanner upside down (/!\ take care of the transport arm, you don't want it to open wildly!)
* peel the "warranty void sticker" to uncover the screw
* remove all the screws from the bottom of the scanner *exept the ones on the metal plate* (those are fixing the mainboard, you don't need to put it appart)
* take note which screw goes where: there are 2 types of screws: small and large; don't miss the one on the side of the main switch
* put the scanner back on top (/!\ transport arm !)
* with a plastic pryer (or an old credit card), gently lift the left part of the control panel (the black part with the forward/scan/backward green buttons)
* slowly disengage the right side of the control panel
* slide the control panel inside the scanner or unplug the connector to its back and reserve it
* unscew the 2 vertical screws you can now see inside the scanner

Now let's remove the covers to see the inside.
/!\ you will have to open/close the transport arm several times during these operations, I won't indicate what/when (I can't remembrer precisely): use your brain ;-)
/!\ same thing for the "one scan tray" (see below): try to have it closed most of the time to avoid braking it accidentaly

* Main cover
* open the "one scan tray" by pushing the large green button on the top of the scanner
* ***gently*** lift the main cover upward taking care not to apply force to the one scan tray, you migh have to tild a few degrees the black plastic "upper slide catcher"
* to disengage the main cover from the one scan tray, I had to tild it ~45°. Go slowly, no force !

* black rail
* ***gently*** remove the black rail (the thin and long black plastic part going from side to side of the scanner just at the bottom of the feeding aperture). I had to pry it gently 2mm downward and tilt it to disengage it from under the feeding aperture /!\ this is fragile, don't apply force!

* side cover
* you should now be able to lift the side cover: go slow, the preview windows on the right has 4 wires, you to want to pull hard on it. I had to rotate the preview windows assembly 45° in some way to disengage it from the side cover, it needs a bit of thinking to do it, remember you'll have to do the reverse movement to reassemble the whole thing.

-> you now have a clear view of the inside and the transport arm mecanism:

* disassembly of the transport arm mecanism
* you won't have to put this into pieces, just remove a cover
* on the top of the assembly, you should see a large conic spring.
* with one finger, push downward the piece of plastic that's on top of it, that (large) piece should start to rotate on the magazine side
* with your other hand, rotate that piece 70° to disengage it's top where the conic spring is. Do not loose or damage the spring! Go slowly to see how these pieces fit together

we are almost done !

* now, looking on the magazine side of the transport arm mecanism (that is to say: from the inside to the outside of the scanner), you should see a 3mm back plastic axis around which the tilt mecanism of the transport arm rotates
* on my malfunctioning scanner, the tilting mecanism had moved on that axis (toward the inside of the scanner), and was almost out of it. Though the tilting mecanism was not tilting when the orange triangle was in the reverse position
* just push back the tilting mecanism on the axis until it snaps back into place (there is no franck "snap" noise...)

You can test the fix by switching the scanner on while it's opened (plug back the control panel before... take care not to touch any electrical parts!) and pushing the forward/backward buttons: you should see the transport arm go right and left.
You will notice that the electro magnet that commands the orange triangle is only moving when going reverse, so if it dies, you will still be able to do batch scans forward.

Put everything back together (go slow, no force, I repeat): you're done!

Side notes, learnings:
* the active transport (forward or backward) of the magazines is *not* driven by any engine: it's the transport arm that moves it. When extended, the transport arm is moved right/left by the orange triangle controled by an electro magnet. When it retracts, it is driven back to the center position by fixed guides. That's that centering move that drives the magazines forward/backward as they are cought by the transport arm between the slide separators.
* the black wheel on the floor of the transport rail, just below the feeding aperture has *no* active role (it is not driven by any mecanism), except that it "clicks" at regular intervals (maybe to secure the right position?)
* the magazines should move as easily as possible into the rail to relief the transport mecanism, some put lubrificants on it, you should at least test the friction of your magazines
* the reparability and maintainability of that scanner is high, given you can find replacement pieces (lots of frictions: lots of wearing pieces)... and you need to use it for a long time (this is now more a "one time use" device...)

Do not hesitate to ask me some questions on that topic, I'll do my best to answer (but I won't do the whole disasembly again to take pictures sorry),

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Re: Digitdia 6000 disassembly: fixing reverse not working

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Thank you very much for this tutorial, which allowed me to repair my DigitDia 5000. I suggest a small improvement for the removal of the black rail. Indeed, it is easier to remove it AFTER the side cover, but you have to loosen its screws to be able to remove this cover.
MOD: Loosen the screws that fix the black rail to the base, to free the side cover that the rail holds on its side. The rail can be removed if necessary after the side cover.