Recommended scan system (HW+SW)

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Jozsef Spilko
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Recommended scan system (HW+SW)

Beitrag von Jozsef Spilko » Montag 23. August 2010, 10:31

I am looking for a scanning device + Software. I have approx 250 older family films (average 20 peace of 24x36mm negatives) that I would like to scan. This is like 5000 pictures to scan, half in roll half of the films are cut to 6 frames.

I am a medium amatour in photographing, so a 5-7 Mbyte final resolution would be a good quality scan from the film.

I am prepared to buy a more expensive system (device + software) and sell it off once I completed the scanning.

What machine and software (if needed) would you recommend for this task?

Many thanks